At the heart of Tiptoe We Grow there is a universal wish for people to flourish in their lives. Be it daily life or high performance environment, we will support you in building mental skills that can boost your wellbeing, optimise performance and help achieve your potential.

What we do?

We apply compassion based mindfulness approaches and principles of performance psychology across the domains of daily life, sport, education, and business. Our training can help you:

  • Be more present and grounded
  • Regulate stress, anxiety and emotions
  • Focus on what really matters
  • Manage energy and motivation levels
  • Set clear goals and move towards them
  • Build a kinder relationship with yourself
  • Be less caught up in ups and downs of life

Is it for me?

Training your mind builds transferable skills that are valuable in any life context. Not only is it for athletes, coaches, teachers, sports parents, performance artists, pupils, students, organisations, businesses but also for any individuals who wish to improve their wellbeing and deal more effectively with everyday challenges.