Mindfulness Workshop: Connecting with the Body

Often in our busy lives we find ourselves all up in our head – overthinking, analysing, ruminating or anxious. We are disconnected from our bodies, often not noticing how our body holds tension, how it responds to our emotions, and overlooking the needs of our body. When we practise mindfulness, we begin to notice physical sensations, our body becomes our anchor to the present moment, and we learn more and more to come to rest in our body. After all it’s our home.

During this workshop we will practise mindfulness and grounding in our body while in stillness and in movement, explore the difference between tension and relaxation, as well as work with difficult or unpleasant sensations. We will experience exercises such as the body scan, mindful movement and full body progressive muscle relaxation.

It is good to have some mindfulness practice experience before attending this workshop, but all exercises are guided, so complete beginners are also welcome.

Check our events page for upcoming workshops or contact us to arrange one for your organisation.

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