Performance Psychology for Dog Sports

What is the workshop about?

The workshop introduces performance psychology to the context of dog sports with a view to improving handler’s mental skills, enhancing the relationship with their furry companion, and in turn improving the performance of a human-dog dyad in a chosen discipline as well as boosting overall wellbeing.

Is it for me?

The workshop is primarily designed for those participating in dog sports for performance or leisure (agility, rally obedience, heelwork etc.), however, it is open to everyone wishing to learn how mental skills training can help improve the human-dog partnership in performance or daily life contexts. No prior training is required. You should be able to listen, follow instructions and participate in discussions.

What will we cover?

  • What is performance psychology and how can mental skills training shape our 5C capabilities (Commitment, Communication, Concentration, Control and Confidence)?
  • Why we do what we do and how to remain committed and resilient while sustaining enjoyment in our practice?
  • How can we strengthen the “mental muscle” using imagery, self-talk, pre-performance routines, goal-setting, attention training and relaxation techniques?
  • How can we transfer mental skills from classroom to training and daily life contexts?

How will the course be delivered?

The workshop will be a 3-hour interactive session with a coffee break. A variety of training methods will be used including demonstrations, individual work, pair or group work and guided practice. You will be encouraged to continue home practice after the workshop.

By the end of this workshop you should be able to…

  • Better understand the mental side of performance
  • Practise a range of exercises to improve your mental skills
  • Select strategies to integrate your mental practice into training and daily life situations

When, where and how much?

Check our events page for upcoming workshops or contact us to arrange one for your organisation.

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