Self-Compassion Workshop

  • How often do you beat yourself up when you make a mistake?
  • Do you notice the inner critic emerge when you’re going through a hard time?
  • How do you approach your own flaws and inadequacies?
  • Would you like to relate to yourself in a way that is more supportive, caring and tender?

Self-compassion is described as offering oneself the same kindness, concern and care in a difficult situation as we would offer our good friend who is struggling (Neff, 2003). Research evidence suggests that self-compassion is a quality that can be increased through practice, and is strongly linked to psychological wellbeing and optimal functioning (e.g. less self-critisism, rumination and fear of failure, more resilience, perseverance, social connectedness and life satisfaction).

During this workshop participants will learn more about self-compassion and the benefits of practising it, and will engage in practical exercises aimed at strenghtening the inner quality of self-compassion. We will explore self-compassion through guided meditation and imagery, writing and reflection, and work skillfully with inner critic in a safe, supportive environment.

Workshop is guided by the certified mindfulness and compassion trainer Rita Dekšnytė and is suitable for anyone wishing to build a kinder and more supportive relationship with themselves.

Check our events page for upcoming workshops or contact us to arrange one for your organisation.