Mindfulness in Nature / Forest Bathing

Spending time in nature and practising mindfulness are two things scientifically proven to enhance our mental and physical health. Reduced stress, improved mood, increased energy, lower blood pressure and boosted immune system are just a few of these benefits. When combined, mindful awareness can be used to enhance the restorative and balancing qualities of nature, while exposure to nature can in turn enhance mindful awareness. Forest bathing (shinrin-yoku in Japanese) is a practice that combines the two, promoting soaking in the forest atmosphere in a way that invites healing.

We will meet at Amsterdamse Bos to practise mindfulness in nature, engaging all our senses to immerse ourselves in the present moment, stepping out of the autopilot of our daily lives and reconnecting with nature. The session will include a slow walk through the forest with many pauses to ground ourselves, engage all our senses and explore present moment with curiosity and acceptance.

Everyone is welcome to join, the walk is not physically challenging and no prior experience with mindfulness is required. This is an all weather event, so please dress accordingly so that you are comfortable. Bring your own refreshments (e.g. a water bottle and a small snack). Starting spot is outside the Boswinkel. Please observe the government health measures and keep 1.5m distance from other people at all times.

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