Mindfulness and Compassion in Turbulent Times: Free Online Meetings Continue

We had a lovely response from people in need of group meditation in these turbulent times. Therefore, we will continue to offer free open meditation evenings once a week, where everyone is welcome to join us online!

If you have been feeling more stressed lately due to current state of the world, you are not alone. In turbulent times we often find our mind’s threat system activated, thoughts and emotions stirred up, and realise there is so much we cannot control. Mindfulness and compassion help activate our soothing system and support our wellbeing.

In order to support our community and build a sense of common humanity we offer this free online meeting to help bring our attention to the present moment, to settle the restless mind, to cultivate the sense of kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.

How it works?

Joining the meeting is completely free. After opening the link you will be prompted to install a free app and you will be able to join the meeting at the specified time. If you would like to receive an email with a reminder as well as information about upcoming events, you can fill in the form.

The meeting is guided in English by a certified mindfulness trainer Rita Dekšnytė and consists of a guided meditation and a reflection where participants can share their experience.

Event Timing: Every Thursday until May 7th at 19:00 – 20:00 CET (Amsterdam time)

Cost: FREE.

We hope to see you soon and practise mindfulness and compassion together!